Brand Management


Complete Sales Management for Brands. MPO partners with brands providing integrated marketing, sales, logistics and support.

As a brand, your goal is to find the right customers for your products, and sell as many units as possible, while increasing awareness, appeal and demand for your brand. A brand is defined by all interactions with its customers, online, in stores, through social media and of course through the experiences its products provide. In addition to inventing a product that resonates with consumers, you have to secure quality manufacturing, design retail packaging, position your product online and build profitable and scalable distribution channels, backed by service and positive interactions.


With MPO Global you have a partner that has the expertise to manage your brand. We will position and sell your products online faster and more efficiently, and your business can outsource the financial obligation for an expensive team of experts in house. You gain the freedom, both financially and in regards to your time, and we manage your brand, expand sales, and report.
For more than 15 years we have worked with 100s of brands, providing full-service eCommerce and online sales. From bringing your product to market, to increasing sales of successful products, to providing complete online distribution from marketing to shipping, MPO Global is focused on helping you increase revenue and maximizing your margin.


Managing a brand requires expertise. We know how to engage new customers to increase sales, optimize listings to improve conversion, use demographic, geographic and psychographic targeting to lower advertising and marketing cost, place you on proven e-tail channels, provide cost-effective shipping to increase your bottom line, and provide excellent customer service and tech-support to improve customer satisfaction.


  1. Define business goals
  2. Define brand identity
  3. Analyze products, customers, competition, sales channels
  4. Improve infrastructure, sales channels, marketing
  5. Provide logistics and customer support
  6. Report results


“MPO Global contacted us at a time where we were in a perfect transition. We have a household favorite product line called Fizzion that has been for sale online and offline for many years. Our partnership with MPO Global enhanced our sales tremendously through multiple actions they took. They helped clean up our online presence by fixing images, bullet points and enhancing product descriptions. They were even able to add our corporate videos to platforms like Amazon which increased our sales instantly. Additionally we had our own corporate website that needed an order processing take over for multiple reasons. MPO Global was able to immediately take over our corporate website and fill orders daily both the domestically and internationally for our existing customer base. This partnership with MPO Global is tremendous for many reasons. Engaging with MPO Global for your online sales and shipping needs is an easy transition which is all we asked for. We sincerely look forward to many years ahead of growth and online brand sales management by MPO Global.”

David Jarrard Director of Sales Fizzion Products