Sales Optimization


MPO optimizes your product positioning to maximize sales.


As a successful enterprise, your goal is to maximize sales of your products. To sell as many units as possible, your company is looking to increase awareness, appeal and demand for your brand. Your positioning needs to be optimized considering your customers, your competition, and the channels you selected to sell your product. Often you have to manage manufacturing, design retail packaging for the channel you are using, and position your product online and build profitable and scalable distribution channels.


With MPO Global you have a partner that has the expertise to maximize your product sales online faster and more efficiently. Instead of hiring an expensive team of experts in house with a significant fixed cost for your company – and the associated risk – you can depend on a proven team and optimize your balance sheet at the same time. For more than 15 years we have worked with 100s of brands, providing full-service Ecommerce and online sales. From bringing your product to market, to increasing sales of successful products, to providing complete online distribution from marketing to shipping, MPO Global is focused on helping you increase revenue and maximizing your margin.


We know how to scale sales channels, finding more customers while increasing conversion. We combine a proven process, based on marketing expertise and advanced technology. By utilizing demographic, geographic and psychographic targeting to lower advertising and marketing cost, we are able to optimize your proven e-tail channels, provide more cost-effective shipping to increase your bottom line, and provide excellent customer service and tech-support to improve customer satisfaction.


  1. Define revenue goals
  2. Analyze existing sales channels
  3. Analyze competing products and substitutes
  4. Optimize your product positioning based on target audience
  5. Increase traffic to your improved channels
  6. Manage shipping & customer support


“MPO Global had called My Critter Catcher during a peak viral social media event. Our internal sales had literally gone from a reasonable volume to high volume overnight from some social media posts. We are a manufacturer and specialize in offline retail, brick and mortar. When MPO Global approached us this was an opportunity that made sense to us here at My Critter Catcher. Our sales were going fine but the internal infrastructure was not built for the volume we were now enduring. MPO Global not only helped with the existing sales but through many different enhancements they made to our product listings we jumped fast in sales. MPO Global put us on other websites and platforms such as Walmart, Jet, Rakuten and others. They also came up with a creative advertising strategy within some of the online platforms which again increased sales even more. Posting corporate videos on Amazon was a huge win as we as a company did not have the ability to do this. MPO Global did! We could not do without the support and infrastructure of MPO Global plus they are fun to work with. Our sales are like a straight line up the graph since we have partnered up. This is one awesome relationship we cherish, thanks MPO Global for what you do.”

Dan Powell, President – My Critter Catcher Turner Group Marketing