The first step in connecting with potential new customers is to create awareness for your brand. To make an impression in your industry segment, it is necessary to understand how your audience behaves, broken down to a local view, and to develop a strategy on how to effectively reach them. As consumer behavior has shifted to an omni-channel system, where businesses are selling both on- and off-line, the market potential for a brand expands. With MPO Global, you can strike a profitable balance between expanding your markets across the globe, while taking advantage of the opportunities in your local markets simultaneously.

Internet Searches and Localized Online Sales

Google reports that more than half of consumers who searched for a specific item on the internet that visited a store, restaurant, business, etc. offering that item, visited a store within five miles of their location. To increase in-store foot traffic, customers need to be able to find you in local online searches. Being competitive in local searches also helps attract new customers, regardless of the type of business. Yelp! is an excellent business tools that tailors to local markets, as is Google Maps. Depending on your brand’s target demographics, can also be worth considering as a search platform to be present on.

Enhance Online Sales through Online Reviews

Reviews and marketing localization influence buying behavior and succeed when both are combined. According to a study conducted by PowerReviews, millennials rely on peer reviews more often than older consumers. They also found that 95 percent of consumers read other customers’ reviews prior to purchasing, and took what was said into consideration. Regardless of age, however, all consumers look for negative reviews – even if just to verify credibility and authenticity of a brand. By cultivating consumer testimonials, brands can gain the trust of millennial buyers.

Increase Online Sales through Tailored Communications

Through our own marketing, we have learned that consumers prefer advertising that is tailored to them based on three prime factors — location, interest, and behavior. Tailoring marketing campaigns can lead to a positive brand image. Nieman Journalism Lab found that geo-targeted Facebook posts were six times more effective than posts shared to a global audience. They also found that 75 percent of consumers prefer to purchase products, when they are offered on a site created in their native language. Brands that offer multi-language translation on their webpages can increase their potential consumer market size and their online conversion. Consumers today prefer content that is relatable and relevant to their location and lifestyle, and it is important to consider local appeal when thinking about building a global brand.

As early as 2012, marketing agencies started to understand that certain content drives more customer engagement. NPR segmented this content into 9 categories, creating a guide that is still used today.

Take a look at the original Facebook experiment 

While altering marketing strategies to adapt to certain localized markets can be time-consuming, the benefits will reflect in revenue and audience trust. MPO Global can help you understand local market preferences, languages, and cultural trends, so you can develop a strategy and publish communications that convert potential consumers into new customers and gain a competitive edge for your business.

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