Ecommerce Trend Focus: Direct to Consumer Sales

Today’s shopping generation will only accept the best shopping experience, requiring an authentic, consistent, always fresh brand presence. MPO Global optimizes your online sales channels in a consistent manner, making the relationship between end-customers and your brand stronger, while lowering your risk. With MPO Global, your brand can increase sales online to maximize margins, without needing to produce quickly outdated inventory for 1000’s of brick-and-mortar locations across the country. Sometimes the Direct-To-Consumer or D2C strategy can be detrimental to not only traditional distribution channels, but also to the merchants and distributors themselves. With MPO, you can optimize your D2C strategy, while improving your customers’ brand experience and achieving the best possible revenue results.

Maintaining consumer-brand relationships online

Non-brand stores and large online resellers will make attempts to cement their consumer relationships with the help of your products. By offering added value – such as warranties, free products, complimentary services, and promotions – they will aim to become indispensable to the customer, reducing the attachment and loyalty customers have with your brand. MPO Global combines your brand image with the best online reputation, allowing your company to build strong affinity between brand and consumer.

Large brands push for reintermediation

The traditional B2C supply chain consists of supplier, manufacturer, wholesalers, retailer and consumer. However, as eCommerce and the internet become more prevalent, the supply chain model is changing rapidly. The idea behind the trend is that with more access to information, previous existing barriers that prevented wholesalers and manufacturers from selling directly to the consumer have effectively been removed. Comparatively, the result has been that the “middleman” roles have evolved in addition to creating entirely new intermediaries by a form of reintermediation. MPO Global has developed a process that gives manufacturers and inventors the advantage of accessing industry-leading channel expertise, including Amazon and, online sales, and online marketing. Contact us to determine if using intermediaries is the right course for your business.

Intermediary eCommerce trend

Wholesalers are no longer confined to purchasing from suppliers to distribute to retailers. To continue to be prevalent, wholesalers have started to provide a tangible value adding function that is clear to their customers. With the rise of eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, a new form of intermediary has come forth. Ultimately, regardless of the intermediary’s role in the supply chain, the trend towards B2C firms selling products through hosted eCommerce platforms, like MPO Global, is inevitable during this transitional period. Today, you can take advantage of building a consistent, strong bond between your brand and consumers through our expertise.

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