Ecommerce Trend Focus: Using Facebook to Drive Sales

For many eCommerce brands, Facebook has remained the primary social media platform to drive traffic and build an audience. Lifestyle brands and retailers that share compelling and shareable content can take advantage of the potential Facebook has for sales. Generating direct sales from Facebook is an ecommerce trend focus that can be difficult to achieve however. Direct promotion interferes with building an appealing brand image that resonates with your audience. You want to avoid overwhelming self-promotion on your pages that will turn away potential customers. MPO Global has developed strategies that allow your brand to drive effective promotions through Facebook. Implementing these simple steps can increase your revenue and keep your audience intrigued at the same time.

Facebook Commerce Step 1: Add Images to Posts

Facebook is all about visual content. That’s why posts with images or videos perform better than other types of posts. Adding an image to your post will help drive traffic. However, it is important to note that some images perform higher than others. Keep in mind that your image has two purposes: Draw attention & communicate a message. Images that are self-explanatory, compared to images that require a description to explain the content, get higher engagement after they are seen. For example, in the photo below, the image on the left is easier to understand for the audience than the image on the right. However, the bright colors of the image on the right will draw more attention while customers scroll through their Facebook feed.

Facebook Commerce Step 2: Sell the Lifestyle

When creating compelling content for social media, retailers need to remember that they aren’t just selling the product, but the lifestyle around the product as well. An example of this would be when an action sports camera company shows images of hikers, divers, and other extreme sports athletes using their products in the photo. Potential customers identify with the image and can imagine the product as part of the activities they love. Sometimes the company will just highlight athletes, often leaders in the sport, to evoke a connection between the purchaser and the product.

Facebook Commerce Step 3: Time Sensitive Offers and Giveaways

Capitalizing on social media traffic and converting Facebook page followers to website visitors or to paying customers directly on Facebook is crucial. By creating content that has a call to action, or a limited time offer, the consumer registers the scarcity of the product and senses urgency. This can convert someone who was hesitant to purchase before into someone eagerly clicking the “add to cart” and “pay now” buttons on your website. See below how eCommerce menswear brand Bonobos structured their content around a discount with an expiration, as well as a minimum purchase limit.

Reaching New Potential Customers on Facebook to Drive Sales

Many customers also follow brands on social media to receive notifications for deals and giveaways. Giveaways often prompt the consumer to repost your social media content, thus connecting you to more potential buyers as well as giving you free advertising exposure.

Selling on Facebook is all about a balance between creating engaging content that builds a following while also guiding people towards your products and website. You can work with MPO Global to create a social media strategy for your brand. Your brand can effectively increase sales and increase interest in their products. Social media is here to stay, and will become increasingly significant in eCommerce as the technology continues to evolve.

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