Are you introducing new products to market or want to increase sales of a product online or through traditional retailers? MPO Global can help fast track your product on all relevant 3rd party platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Jet, Newegg and beyond!

MPO Global, founded in 1999, has helped hundreds of inventors, manufacturers, and brands sell more than 5000 products successfully. We provide access to more than 300 million active customers online and on third party platforms instantly. From set-up, to marketing, to fulfillment and customer service, MPO is a trusted partner to businesses worldwide. If you are looking to sell a new product online, maximize revenue, or are interested in complete sales management for your brand, let’s talk!

Product Search Criteria

The MPO Global team will be looking for products within the following categories:

  • Household
  • Lawn/Garden
  • Hardware/Tools
  • Medical
  • Health/Beauty
  • Automotive
  • Sports/Wellness/Fitness
  • Infant/Childcare
  • Toys/Games
  • Apparel/Accessories
  • Electronics/Gadgets
  • Cleaning Products

MPO Global will review both domestic and international inventions that are already patented or in patent-pending status.

Developing Sales Channels on all available online platforms can be time-consuming, and often requires to build dedicated online sales expertise in house. With MPO GLOBAL, you have one partner that will optimize your onlinesales on all sales channels, increasing awareness for your products among a targeted audience right from the start. From Amazon, to to eBay, to, MPO Global has the experience and expertise to provide instant credibility for your products, and position what you have to offer in an appealing manner for your ideal audience. Contact our team to find out how we can help your company increase

For more information, visit our INPEX page: 

If you have an invention that fits the above criteria and you would like to participate in the MPO Global new product search at INPEX 2017, please call your INPEX representative today at 1-888-54-INPEX or complete our exhibitor information request form.