In 2017, unified commerce focused on the centralization of infrastructures. Rather than adding a digital storefront to the in-store infrastructure, retailers are beginning to integrate their stores, whether digital or physical, into a centralized infrastructure. MPO Global can help your enterprise offer an integrated platform, and centralize all your ecommerce and 3rd party online sales.

Ecommerce customers and the freedom to choose

More and more eCommerce platforms offer the ability to centralize inventory management. This centralizes all inventory across all platforms – online and offline, allowing customers to order product even if it would have been sold out on their favorite channel in the past. Magento’s Commerce Order Management (MCOM) is one of the platforms available to merchants to centralize their systems. This gives merchants and consumers access to actual product inventory in real time, offering a freedom to shop and get faster deliveries that has never been available before. Consumers are spending their money at retailers when it is convenient for them, not the merchant, as it has been in the past. Because consumers expect to be able to search for, interact with, purchase, pick up or receive, and return products whenever and wherever they want, 2017 is the ideal time to capitalize on this trend.

Shopping everywhere, even in the air

Frankfurt Airport has introduced a technological infrastructure that unifies shopping at all of their merchants into one seamless centralized shopping experience. Customers are now able to pre-order from airport restaurants, duty-free stores and any other stores from a variety of sources. They can order on-site at the airport, in the air on the way to Frankfurt, in a taxi heading to terminals or even the day before they travel. What is especially impressive of this example of unified commerce is that the new infrastructure is compatible with the ERP systems and many of the technological platforms already in place at the airport.

Maximize your revenue with unified ecommerce

Today’s consumers expect brands to react to the latest shopping experience trends, including the personalization of their shopping experience. That ranges from tailored email communications for relevant products and services, to receiving in-store customer service centered on their individual needs. Consumers want an experience that extends from one channel to another, becoming omni-channel. Contact MPO Global to instantly add eBay, Amazon, and many others to your sales channels, and find out how the merging of eCommerce and traditional commerce can be the next logical step in your omni-channel sales strategy.

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