Ecommerce and online retail orders are booming. Meeting the increased demand has led to challenges for many companies when trying to solve the logistics of shipping and delivery. As consumers become used to taking advantage of same-day delivery at their home, office, or drop-off point of their choosing, retailers update and accelerate their delivery process. To overcome potential challenges, MPO Global has developed state of the art logistics solutions, enabling our partners to take advantage of near instant, reliable shipping and deliveries.

Ecommerce product differentiation

The opportunity to quickly improve customer experiences and develop a competitive eCommerce differentiator has led to the Uberization of shipping. Brands are altering their shipping strategy to stay competitive. The Uberization of shipping gives customers the ability to order a product that they want instantly, after seeing and experiencing it in showrooms and fitting rooms.

But how do you implement faster, better deliveries, without adding a fleet of delivery vans across the nation? Walmart is currently working on same-day delivery agreements with carpool companies, Uber and Lyft. Brands are exploring the possibility of having a customer who makes an in-store purchase receive incentives for dropping another customer’s order off on their way home. Walmart is also investing in smaller locations to try to expand its reach all over the country. Their aim is to turn these stores into delivery points for customers to pick up their everyday essentials like perishable foods, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc.

Order online, try in-store

Zoot, a Czech online retailer, delivers purchased items online to a physical fitting room within a few hours of ordering. Customers can then try on the clothes there, and only keep the pieces they like. This avoids the lengthy online return process, and reduces the inventory gap during the return delay.

Amazon has become the leader in same-day delivery with options available to Amazon Prime members. When a Prime member makes a purchase, same-day delivery allows immediate purchase gratification, resulting in happy customers.

Macy’s aims to become highly competitive with Amazon’s same-day delivery by offering “ship from store” options. This turns any of Macy’s 775 stores into an order processing center, outnumbering Amazon’s 66 processing centers.

How to improve your customers’ ecommerce shopping experience

Uberization and same-day delivery options are becoming more commonplace in the world of eCommerce, and will eventually render the traditional in-store experience a thing of the past. Brands need to be competitive, yet also realistic, when considering offering Uberization options. Our team knows first-hand that depending on the product ordered, consistent 3-day delivery from a small company can have more long-term benefits. Being able to realistically complete same-day delivery anywhere in the country is impossible without the available resources. Contact MPO Global to decide what is feasible for your brand, to achieve long-term success for your business with repeat satisfied customers.

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