Successful businesses are planning now for high Q4 sales. With over 51% of Americans choosing to shop online rather than in store, embracing eCommerce trends needs to be at the forefront of your brand’s goals. Most consumers shop via electronic devices like their tablet, computer and smartphone, and want an easy and fast online shopping experience that is user friendly. MPO Global offers you the assistance needed to take your consumer from interest to check out. For your business to grow, awareness of eCommerce trends is extremely important.

Cyber November

Contrary to popular belief, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer the kick-off of holiday shopping. As consumers spend more than $400 billion on retail purchases in November, the entire month signifies the beginning of the shopping season, now known as “Cyber November”.

According to Google, 40% of Canadian consumers begin holiday shopping prior to Halloween, while over 85% of United States retailers begin advertising promotions in the first week of November. Rather than pushing many promotions over one short weekend, extend your sales and increase your profit by promoting throughout the entire month! This also helps avoid frustrating website crashes which can quickly send someone away from your site and to your competitor’s.

Another great way to promote products to consumers while their beginning to make their gift lists is to create product wish lists of your own on your blog & site to guide the consumer towards bundles of your products.

Taking a look at the extremely successful Amazon selling strategy during Cyber November, notice that they use a sense of urgency with attractive promotions for either a limited supply or for a limited time. This strategy of a sense of urgency for the whole period allows Amazon to alter their promotions based on trends and inventory, keeping the selling cycle fresh all month long.

While Cyber November seems like it is long off, it is never too early to begin planning for the biggest shopping season of the year to capitalize on trends and maximize your sales. Take advantage of the months coming and modify, create and perfect your selling strategy and make this holiday season your best one yet.

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