Experience and Expertise to Optimize your Product Positioning

You’ve officially launched your product and sales have been happening at a steady pace. Now is the time to increase online sales by optimizing your product positioning. With MPO Global, take the worry and cost out of running the analytics, creating brand awareness, and providing top-notch customer support. The team at MPO Global will not only help you to maximize sales for your product, but optimize its positioning to increase visibility.

Trust the Experts

MPO Global has been working with hundreds of brands for the past 16 years to improve and perfect their process. By partnering with MPO, you will gain their expertise and experience, as well as sell your products online faster and more efficiently. Don’t hire an expensive in-house team; trust the proven methods from MPO to save you time, money, and energy. While your product has already been brought to market, MPO Global will help you increase sales, provide complete online distribution from marketing to shipping, and help maximize your margins.

Proven Process

Before implementing any plans, MPO Global will go over its six-step process of how they will help you increase online sales and awareness for your product. Not only do they research your products, but those of your competitors and companies with similar products.

1. Define revenue goals
2. Analyze existing sales channels
3. Analyze competing products and substitutes
4. Optimize product positioning based off target audience
5. Increase traffic to improved sales channels
6. Manage shipping and customer support

Get the MPO Advantage

When you choose to work with MPO Global, you’re also gaining a partner. With its years of experience offering full-service ecommerce and online sales, MPO can focus in on your product’s main selling points, find the right target audience, and give your brand the awareness it needs to increase sales. You will no longer have to stress over manufacturing, packaging, and product positioning. Get peace of mind and increased online sales with MPO Global today.



Dedicated sales channel experts
With more than 16 years of ecommerce sales experience, our online sales and marketing experts understand how to optimize product listings to connect with more potential customers.

Advanced software tools
Automation allows us to instantly react to trends, price changes, competitive adjustments, and optimize your sales strategy virtually in real time for better results.

24/7 email support
Customer satisfaction and positive client feedback are the direct result of dedicated service and technical support by responsive, friendly experts – either by email or by phone.

In-house agency
Successful marketing requires integrated campaigns and professional product listings, optimized to reflect the needs of your customers, highlighting your advantages over the competition.

Professional shipping & logistics
Today’s customers expect fast turnaround and quick access to products, combined with frictionless returns. Professional logistics save time and shipping cost, and increase customer satisfaction.

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