Partner with MPO Global for Integrated Marketing, Sales, and Support

You created a unique product and successfully launched it. Sales optimization and product positioning has been implemented. Now it’s time to manage your brand. How do you find the right customers, increase appeal and awareness, and define your brand? If you have trouble coming up with answers for these questions, outsource your brand management to the experts at MPO Global.

Build Your Brand

For the past 16 years, MPO Global has been helping businesses, companies, and inventors manage their brands to increase sales and awareness. A product is defined by the brand, and all customer interactions, from social media to customer service help shape that brand’s identity. MPO Global helps to not only secure manufacturing, design retail packaging, and position your product, they also help build profitable and scalable distribution and sales channels that are backed by high quality customer service and positive brand interactions.

Brand Management Process

With years of experience under their belt, the team at MPO Global has fine-tuned their brand management process to showcase their expertise. Six simple steps are all that are needed to give your brand the awareness and appeal it needs.

  1.    Define business goals
  2.    Define brand identity
  3.    Analyze products, customers, competition, and current sales channels
  4.    Improve infrastructure, sales channels, and marketing
  5.    Provide logistics and customer support
  6.    Report results
Trust the Expertise

To give a brand the appeal and awareness needed to drive demand and sales of products, MPO Global uses demographic, geographic, and psychographic targeting. This helps to not only lower marketing costs, but helps decide the best sales channels and most effective shipping options. Let MPO Global manage your brand, which will help create brand awareness, provide your customers with the best customer service and technical support, and increase your bottom line.




Branding Expertise
A competitive brand requires positive interactions with its customers on every channel. Our expertise creates brand consistency and improves the appeal of your brand.

Professional Marketing Campaign Planning
Marketing campaigns deliver superior results if they are coordinated across all channels. Our marketing experts optimize campaigns and deliver superior ROI.

Sales Channel Optimization
To increase sales and connect with potential customers, sales channels need to be continuously optimized and updated. Your brand identity is the cornerstone for loyal customers and repeat sales.

Logistics & Support Expertise
Today’s customers expect fast turnaround and quick access to products, combined with frictionless returns. Professional logistics save time and shipping cost, and increase customer satisfaction.

Advanced Reporting
To increase the value of your brand and see the ROI of your partnership with MPO, we provide advanced reporting and daily, weekly or monthly review of results.

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